Monday, 12 September 2011


Hi there,
I get asked often enough what I'm up too on my modelling bench, so thought it was about time I did some type of web bloggie diary sort of thing....

Given that my life is particularly busy with work and a young family, my hobby time is naturally limited (often not til quite late at night once the dust has settled).  I tend to run a number of projects at one time, with each one added too when time permits.  I find I get a better result from my modelling effort by breaking up the time dedicated to each project.  That way, I don't get bored with working on the one subject, and it gives me a chance to come back to somehing with fresh eyes, to see where the next steps must lead.

I am lucky enough to have a cosy spare room at home, that will eventually house my home layout.  I said cosy...its only a standard 10'x10' spare bedroom, with some benchwork mounted around the walls, and my modelling bench built in below that (see the blog title image).  Despite being small, I am in no hurry to complete this project.  This room should keep me occupied for atleast the next 10 years, since each idea I have for this room will essentially be a new mini project, and because its a home layout, I don't have the deadlines like I have previously set myself with exhibition layouts.

Here's a quick snap of what will greet you as you enter my little hobby den.  I know, there's crap everywhere (actually this is an old shot, and there's easily twice as much crap in there now!).  I just needed to get the benches in and establish the place first, and as things start to get organised a bit more, the crap will be hidden below the layout behind curtains.  There is a suspended valance/roof system over the layout (mainly supported from the walls, but there are also cables anchored into the true ceiling to assist with minor roof sag) with storage shelving above, so no doubt there will be, you guessed it, some more crap stored up above.  Some heavy curtains to hide everything distracting from the layout space will be my saving grace...

I guess since my modelling time is so broken, I imagine this blog will get updates as progress happens.  For example, I currently have a number of rolling stock items I'm building, a scratch/bash version of G41 underway (VR narrow gauge), a large sawmill build, a mini layout and a bush box diorama underway out in the shed etc etc...maybe each month, expect a updated report of where each piece is up too.

I'll sort out a few initial postings of some older projects just to get the ball rolling with the blog, so maybe a few diary entries in the coming days.  After that, we'll see what happens...


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