Monday, 12 September 2011

The "Thurogoods" diorama...

I thought I'd put some of this one up for a bit of colour in the blog.  A couple of my good modelling mates, in John Hunter and Laurie Green, started their own kit manufacturing company, Outback Model Company, a little while ago.  Their first kit was a cool warehouse piece, which I did a fairly extensive SBS build of on one of the forums (following this link to the build thread has a heap of SBS techniques and stuff for those that are interested).  I had a great time building the kit (actually one of the first times I've really built a whole kit, since I would normally scratchbuild my stuff).  I was really happy with the finished result.  It was displayed a number of times at regional railway exhibitions around my home state of Victoria, before the diorama made the trip across to Florida, to go on display in a sort of modelling museum/centre, established by Dave Revelia.  Here's a few pics of the finished diorama...


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  1. WOW! This is awesome :) I was searching these with my brother and we stumbled on this. I was amazed :D