Monday, 22 September 2014

Blank canvas...

Just started some holidays, and with a bit of sun in the sky again, time to create a blank canvas.  Have finally made a start of what will be the future modelling studio space in the back yard.  First step was to demolish the previous garden shed that stood in the corner of the yard.  Hardest part was removing the multiple layers of silicon that I'd built up around the base to try and keep the water out, followed by dodging all the falling spiders.  An afternoons work had the old shed removed...which apparently leaves the perfect stage (the concrete slab) for a couple of young dancing girls to put on an impromptu show during my coffee break :)

With the next few weeks off work, will hopefully be able to make some reasonable progress with getting the ground work done with the new construction.  If only I can get the kids excited about digging me a few deep holes to drop the stumps into!