Thursday, 15 August 2013

Last year...

Geez, more than a year actually!
So, been kind of busy, and kind of forgot about the updates I was doing here, so might just breeze through a years worth of activities in one foul swoop, and then get into more recent happenings in a new post.

So back track a bit to earlier this year, and we hosted the 11th Australian Narrow Gauge Convention over the Easter long weekend in Melbourne.  Organising it was challenging and busy work, but felt quite rewarding with the success of the event.  Well attended from across Australia and also with a handful of international modellers attending, it was great to catch up and meet with a couple of blokes I have only know via forums from a distant.  Very tiring weekend keeping activities going for around 180 attendees, but got to see some great modelling, have some great conversations, and spark some great ideas.  Always love and look forward to a Narrow Gauge Convention.  I got to cap off the weekend with a cab ride up at Puffing Billy, so big smiles all round that weekend.  A huge retrospective thanks to all the traders that helped make it one of our biggest trade shows, and also to all that helped with displays of layouts and models, and those who presented the clinics and workshops over the weekend.


Was a wonderful opportunity also to experience some of the last modelling of Mr Geoff Nott, who unfortunately lost his health battle shortly after the NGC was held.  Was very grateful to his modelling partner in Michael Flack for being able to transport there last joint effort together, "Smugglers Cove", down for the show.  It was a pleasure to be able to award Geoff with the "Rick Richardson Award" at the Convention, for services and promotion of narrow gauge award thoroughly well earned and deserved.  Geoff's modelling has always been a real inspiration for myself personally, and his work as featured in Narrow Gauge Down Under magazine many years ago would be the images that made me want to do what I do today.  A modelling inspiration and genuinely top bloke that will be sadly missed.  RIP Mr Nott with the greatest respect.

I did also end up finishing my "Diggers Bend" mini layout (as mentioned in my last posting way back then) in time for the Convention.  DCC installed and running in a circle, which is strange since I previously didn't think DCC was for me since my layouts were fairly simple...and then I go and use it on a basic loop of track!  It became more a case of DCC with stay alive capacitors in the loco were required to maintain smooth operation on the less than smooth mining track work I used on the layout.  With the stay alive circuit in the small gas mechanical that loops the layout, it runs perfectly all day at exhibition.

Since the convention weekend, I have taken this mini layout to a couple of other exhibitions to excellent response and clean running.  Anyone wanna buy a small layout (or a bush box)?  I now need room in the garage for a bigger project...more on that with the next posting though.

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