Saturday, 12 March 2016

Bugger & oops!!!

Hi all,
Hmm, bit of an apology update...
For anyone that had attempted to order one of the gum tree CD's via the "Buy Now" button located on this blog, please note that the order has not been processed.
Unfortunately when I set up the details that the PayPal transaction would go through to, I made a small but critical error in listing the email address that payment would be made too.  I made the mistake of leaving the "t" out of the "hotmail"!
Anyone who has ordered the CD will find on their PayPal summary that the payment has not been accepted by the homail address...essentially it doesn't exist. 
You should be able to cancel that transfer within your account.
Sorry, sorry, sorry!
The error has now been corrected, so ordering and PayPal transactions should now go through to my correct and valid email address.  Big apology to anyone who had made a purchase and been patiently waiting on a delivery.  Any new orders will be promptly posted.

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